BuddyLuv grew from the bond between a man and his dog, Buddy, into an oasis where a love of dogs prevails.

BuddyLuv Dog Spa
offers professional grooming services and doggie daycare for your four-legged buddy in an interactive, homestyle, cage-free spa environment with adjoining outdoor fenced play area.


BuddyLuv's owner/groomer, Alan Pulsifer, is professionally trained in pet grooming and pet first aid, and has developed a wealth of canine behaviour expertise in training dogs for obedience, agility and flyball.  In 2008-2009, he completed a full-time apprenticeship with award-winning pet stylist, Shane Carr (Toronto, Ontario) and Elsa Chau (Markham, Ontario).  He previously owned and operated BuddyLuv in Toronto.


Why not visit us soon and make BuddyLuv Dog Spa your Valley canine oasis!

Last day of business:

May 20, 2017

Closing and retiring...
Thank you for your patronage!

BuddyLuv promotes relaxation and pet health with multiple therapies:
Only the purest essential oils extracted from aromatic plants and flowers are diffused in the air for their antiseptic properties, as well as to create calm and balance, contributing to good health and well-being.
Music Therapy
Music is the universal language, and it reduces anxiety levels in animals.  Professionally created compositions and classics create a soothing soundscape at BuddyLuv Dog Spa.
Massage Therapy
Gentle massage helps promote the human-animal bond and increases blood flow to massaged tissues.  Increased blood flow results in the filtering of toxins from tissues and a warm calming sensation.  At BuddyLuv Dog Spa, gentle therapeutic massage techniques are used when required to calm and bond with your buddy.
Colour Therapy
While animals may actually only see a limited range of colours, they have heightened senses and react to colours by feeling the vibrations.  BuddyLuv Dog Spa uses colour to make your buddy's visit as comfortable as possible.  Fresh filtered solarized water is provided at all times for its healing, calming properties.

BuddyLuv Dog Spa f
ollows a stringent sanitization routine to promote your buddy's complete well-being.
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